Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Fab Four

I've figured out why I've spent so many years procrastinating about making, sewing and crafting, I never had any material to make anything out of, that is of course until recently. Now it's a different story, I'm building up quite a stash of fabric and creating my little heart out. Four Fab new vintage fabrics waiting to be transformed....

I've been putting my sewing skills to the test recently, after making  dresses for Martha, my buddies little girl, I decided to make some more to sell at the fairs I've been doing. My sister gave me a cute vintage pattern for a tunic style dress her friend Christine came up with the name, Wee Home Wrecker, perfect!
Here's a couple of the dresses I've made, I can't wait to make some more now I've got lovely new fabric and I think it's about time Martha got a new dress!

Or  maybe some cushions?
And heres to another Fab Four, celebrating the birth of the Beatles 50 years after the release of Love Me Do

Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx


  1. Hey Linda,
    I especially like fabric number 3, yellow, brown & orange sixties! And the Wee Home Wrecker dresses are just are the cushions. Love the nod to the Beatles...hard to believe I was 13 when they burst on the scene. I remember watching them on the Ed Sullivan show is glorious black and white! It's amazing to get old and not feel old...a mystery of life! Good work!

  2. Love those fabrics! The dresses are lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Gaaah, everything is so pretty! I'd love all those fabrics, and all those cushions! xo.

    1. Catherine, you crack me up with your gaaahhhs, so funny! Thanks xx

  4. Lusting after that fabric stash! Those frocks are adorable and so are your funky labels! x

  5. You are super talented. Have you got an online shop like on Etsy or something? I wish I was wee so I could wear those dresses. Would it be too rude to commission a tabbard? (Yes like the dinner ladies wear).

    1. It would not be rude at all, I'll make you one, I do have an esty shop,


Thanks for all your comments : )