Saturday, 13 October 2012

Finally....The Abandoned Thirty Day Photo Challenge

Hey ya!
Waaaaay back in June I took up my friend Deborahs 30 day photo challenge, and I've just realised I never posted the pictures! 2nd confession  of the week, the photo challenge got the better of me and I failed to complete it.
Here are some of the photos I did take.....

Day 1 Self Portrait, probably not my best angle.

Day 2 What you wore today, work uniform
Day 3 Clouds

Day 4  Something green, the eroding railings of the local park
Day 5 From a high angle
Day 6 From a low angle
Day 8 Fruit
Day 8 A bad habit, I eat far too fast
Day 9 Someone you love
Day 10 A childhood memory, our Fisher Price record player playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Skip Day 11, Something blue to Day 12 Sunset
Day 13 You with 13 things
Day 14 Eyes
So it seems I got nearly half way through and the wheels came off. I did take a photo on Day 20 though, Bokeh, a blurry photo of one of the girls.
Since doing this challenge I have become slightly addicted to Instagram. I'm blaming Instagram for the failure of this task, I was to busy taking photos of my cat! For a sneaky peak into my daily musings visit my webstagram

Hope you're having a super Saturday xx Lots of Love!


  1. I've tried to do a couple different photo challenges and always end up forgetting to do about half of them usually within the first week or two haha!

  2. FABULOUS!!! You put me to shame. Very very good. I shall have to find a 30 day Christmas /December challenge and stick to it this time. At least I have a working memory card now, mind you, my phone is just as good!


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