Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nik Naks... Carryduff's best kept secret

A few miles out of Belfast, just outside Carryduff, down some country lanes you'll find Nik Naks. When we first visited Nik Naks it was a complete jumble of stuff, every corner of the warehouse rammed and the shelves a riot, stuffed to capacity but more recently they've had a sort out and cleared out lots of the rubbish and kept all of the good stuff! It's the one stop shop to find bits for your home if you're loving flea market style......Be prepared to bargain!! Myself and the big lad took a jaunt up there's some pictures of the things you can expect to find............
A gorgeous chocolate 3 piece suite, the guy said we could  have for £150!

An avocado bathroom suite, I'm predicting a comeback for coloured bathroom suites!

Lots of vintage luggage, even better when it still has the previous owners labels on.

The architects model of Victoria Square in Belfast, this would be amazing if you had a massive living room and could be used as a coffee table, definitely a conversation piece.

Chairs just waiting for somebody to reupholster them and love them again!

and so much more........................................


  1. I'm so going there! It looks amazing. *datedatedatedate* Did you buy the sofa?

  2. I'm looking forward to it already! didn't get the sofa, nowhere to put it :(

  3. Linda- I can't find an address for this place at all! Where abouts is it?


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