Saturday, 18 February 2012

i found a Stray

You'll find Stray Jewellery down Church Lane in Belfast, the friendly owner Julie opened up her gorgeous, shop in 2011, YEAH!! i think it's just what Belfast needs, somewhere a little bit different! There is nothing in this shop that i don't love! Everything is so cute! Pretty handmade jewellery, kitsch bits for your home, and lots of cats!(not real ones) It's the perfect place to pick up a quirky gift..... but i always end up treating myself! Sure...why not when there's a Stray loyalty card!!
Definitely the prettiest shop in Belfast!

Bundles of cuteness in every corner, if you can make out the class cat tea cosy on top of the shelves, love!!

There's soon going to be a charge on plastic bags in Northern Ireland, I've found my perfect shopping bag!

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