Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Haste ye back

We're home after a mini break in Edinburgh. What an amazing city! The architecture is beautiful, steeped in history, we had a great time......but surprisingly I've hardy taken any photos....too busy looking around, taking it all in! We seen a show in the Edinburgh Festival theatre, Jay and Silent Bob get old, not so much anything about getting old, more them talking a little about their visit to Scotland (haggis, Loch Ness monster etc), and ALOT about sex... the show...meh, the!, a deceiving, modern glass fronted buliding that behind the frontage hides a stunning theatre from 1928. We visited Edinburgh Castle, breath taking views of the city ( was very windy), brushed up on my Scottish history. We walked miles! the best way to see a city, even managed to mooch in the city's charity shops (couldn't help myself) All and all a fab time had by all! Home last night to a very hyper Mary who obviously missed the company!!

We missed pancake Tuesday but made up for it this morning...YUM! And so starts lent..... Last year I gave up chocolate, it was ridiculously hard (I LOVE CHOCOLATE!) but I'm going chocfree again (???? I like the challegne) so if the blog gets a little....angry, you'll know why! Giving anything up for lent?


Thanks for all your comments : )