Saturday, 22 August 2015

The chaotic craft room

I doesn't seem that long ago that I was moving stuff around in the craft room to make space for the dolls house shelves. The dolls house making has come to a bit of a stand still, and the craft room has become a little bit untidy, but not in the I've been making a creative mess way but it's the room were we put stuff we're not using. Yesterday after work I decided enough was enough and I needed to claim back some space. I really enjoy making the miniatures but it was annoying me that I haven't done any making in ages! That sounds silly, getting annoyed but I'm the kind of person that wants everything done right now. I've moved stuff around again, mixing the things I use everyday with the miniatures I've made and instantly I feel calmer and so does the room.
The real dolls house is storage for bits and pieces of art and craft stuff, pretty and useful now too.
Hope you're all having a lovely week x


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