Saturday, 15 August 2015


I'm a bit late but better late than never so here's a belated blog birthday post. My blog is FOUR! My first blog post was very short, back then I was blogging about home changes and DIYs but as time has went on and we've settled into our home the blog has become less about things I'm changing and just about living and the things I love. I guess that's the blog journey and a reason why I like to keep posting, it's my visual diary, the paper diary I was never able to keep at. My approach to blogging has relaxed now too, You shouldn't write a blog because you feel you have too, but because you feel like you want to. I'm rambling!!! And getting sentimental! So anyway, blogging is great! I love it and although my posts are few and far between these days it's a nice place to come back to and pour out what's in your head.
My friend Kathryn took this photo of me on a recent amble up the local mountain. I love it! Thank you for reading blog friends xxx

Thanks @ Kathryn Mervyn photography

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