Sunday, 5 July 2015

The mini bar

Since my last blog update I've been working a little more on my dollshouse project. For the living room I've made a trolley style mini bar complete with kitsch flamingo and swizzle sticks.
 Most of the bar items I bought in the local craft shop which has a great dolls house section, the mini glasses are so tiny! I've nearly lost them a couple of times!!
To make the bar I cut out two oval shapes from a cardboard box, pierced a hole in each corner, covered the cardboard in sticky back lining stuff that I bought in the decorating shop, four cocktail sticks coloured in with black marker for the legs, push those through the holes, glue in position, then to finish off I made a rim for the bar by folding the sticky lining and glued it on, oh and four tiny beads to cover the tops of the cocktail sticks! 
The mess that is my creative space! One day it's tidy the next day it's a mess! A bit like my head! Just to give a idea of the size here's the set up on my table, the bar is only a few inches tall.
Cute Mollie Makes paper makes the perfect back drop and everything is better with a garland!
I made the lemons and limes and the bowl, all from plasticine, the bowl I painted with some nail polish to give it a glossy finish.
The swizzle sticks are pins with the sharp end cut off. The glass pineapple was a charity shop find a couple of years ago and the mini flamingo I bought in Amsterdam.

Tux likes it! Hope you're all having a great weekend x

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