Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Flower rearranging

I have quite a stash of retro fabrics, I always seem to be drawn to the floral patterns the brighter and bolder the better! Wanting to try something a bit different I cut out lots of flowers and leaves from different fabrics, I used some fluffy stuff I bought in the local quilting shop, I'm sure it has a proper name but I don't know it! I layered up the fabrics and started sewing on the flowers creating an arrangement as I went along. Once the flowers were sewn I finished it off by adding some embroidered detail, framed it then all that was left was to tidy up the absolute mess that is the craft room!
Hope your all having a lovely week x

Friday, 14 November 2014

A long overdue charity shop mooch

My sister and I were heading down to visit  our parents and decided a charity shop mooch was long overdue! I used to go thrifting ALL the time! But I've had a reality check, realised I was spending ALL my money on vintage and haven't been in ages so it was a real treat to hoke and even if it's just that it's still fun! There was lots of 'good stuff' but I only bought a few.....ahem.... necessary items! I didn't buy these books

But I did buy......
Fluffy tailed bunnies a present for a Instagram friend, I couldn't resist! Some tile transfers, highly unnesscessary! A foot stool, I had to come to an agreement with my sister for this who claimed it first,I've been on the look out for one just like this got a very long time and being a great sister she let me buy it, some pretty plant pots and a Christmas angel
The little angel needs some TLC as she's lost her sparkle but for Christmas she'll be good a new!
Phil has claimed the new foot stool as his own.
Ahh, you can't beat the chazzas!
Have a great weekend everyone x

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Instagram is a brilliant place for a daily fix of retro goodness! Every now and again there will be a hashtag that is right up my street and when I found #retro_nine through an IG friend I was excited to join in! #retro_nine is brought to you by @flots_n_jets These are a few of my favourites and if you're on Instagram and you're a big retro fan make sure you're following this lovely lot!
My #retro_nine 
Brilliant! I love looking at everyone's brilliant retro collections! 
Have a great day everyone x

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The mountains are calling and I must go

The big lad and I took a walk in one of my favourite places to go in Belfast, Divis mountain. It was a misty morning and the view at the top was blurred when the cloud engulfed us but then the sun started to peak through and it warmed up nicely. I love the peace and quiet of the mountain, watching the dew glisten on the land, the blabbing brooks, the clouds rolling in and the cows chewing the cud.
Have a great week everyone xx

Friday, 7 November 2014

Do more of what makes you happy

So, you know I love crafting, well a while ago I kinda lost my crafting mojo. I was getting home from work and flopping on the sofa with a chocolate bar and a cup of tea watching Four in a bed and Come dine with me, it wasn't making me happy. Miss Jones hadn't seen the light of day in months, that was until I met Julie and Louise from Well Made and everything changed! My craft mojo has returned! It's back and better than ever! I'm really enjoying making for the shop! I treated myself to a few new fab retro fabrics, well I technically need them if I'm crafting more..... Any excuse! Here are a few things I've made recently for Well Made! Miss Jones is back in action!

Long may the creativity continue!
Did you catch my sister Christine on The Great Interior Design Challenge! Doing Norn Iron proud! You'll be saving your tea bags and onion skins for an afternoon of natural dyeing!
Have a great weekend everyone! X

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Great Interior Design Challenge

Are you watching The Great Interior Design Challenge? I'm loving the show and this years series is even more exciting for me because this Thursday my sister Christine features on the show! Don't miss it! Here's a little peek into Christine's cosy home....
Check out my sisters blog at Colour And Cloth and on Instagram @colourandcloth 
Hope you're all having a great week x

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Mustard makeover

Everything furniture wise in our house now is a potential 'project' since discovering chalk paint. The latest piece to get a little makeover is the vintage cabinet, bought from a charity shop, which now homes my shoe collection. I picked a mustard colour, surprise surprise! It's one of my absolute favourites and featured all over our house! I'm mad for mustard!
After a lick of paint I added some sunny retro fabric to the back of the cabinet, I used a staple gun to attach it because no doubt I'll probably fancy a change some day and it'll be easier to take off. 
On top of my cabinet a charity shop find globe, a pretty floral tray I found for 20p, the pattern is gorgeous! My cute kissing girls money money box a present from my friend about ten years ago, a friendship plant, a wooden box that belonged to my grandmother, a heart shaped shell trinket box, pink flamingos embroidery and a lamp that I changed the shade on after living room crate makeover. The Pom Pom garland has been rehung across the ceiling.
What are you making over recently? Any projects planned? I've a few up my sleeve I can't wait to get started!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone x