Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas at my door

One of my favourite things to make at Christmas is a wreath for the front door. I've been using the same method for a few years and it works so if ain't broke and all that. To make the circle shape I use rolled up newspaper then wrap it with parcel tape to make it waterproof, I wrap garden wire around the circle so that I can tuck in the greenery. Our Christmas tree this year is very full so I was able to cut some branches off and I bought some holly from my florist friend, the baubles, pine cones and robins are from the Christmas tree stash which seems to grow each year. To make my wreath I start in a clock wise direction threading in greenery under the wire, when I can't see the circle underneath I'll start adding the decorative bits. There was lots left over this year so I made one for my sisters door too! Warning wreath making can be additive!
Hope you're all well x


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