Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Selfies-January Photography Challenge Days 1-10

Contrary to the normal January blues I am currently experiencing a new found January buzz. I'm enjoying yoga, swimming, face masks, cinema dates, tea and chocolate, walks in the park and of course taking photos of myself! At the start of the month I set a little photography challenge, a photo a day, taken by me, featuring me...... Here are my selfies from days 1 to 10......warts and all

You'll be sick of the sight of me by the end of January!!

What are you enjoying this January? xxx


  1. Staying indoors, in front of the fire, reading a book or knitting, making sick monkeys with my kids, making comforting (stodgy) food, running round the park in the winter sunshine, lungs burning, the fact that January is a quiet month birthday wise and socially, listening to the wind, hail and rain...... Loads of stuff! Loving your pixie crop, fabulous! Xxx

  2. Sorry, that should have been sock monkeys!


Thanks for all your comments : )