Friday, 3 January 2014

Handmade Happiness

Hello Lovelies!
I love giving and receiving handmade presents. When my friend Catherine gave me this wrapped up and told me she had made it I didn't have a clue what was! On Christmas morning when I opened it I was so surprised! I Love it and think it's such a great idea! Catherine used dishes and glasses from Ikea and strong glue to make it. The possibilities are endless, you could mix and match patterns and colours, charity shops are the perfect place to find miss matched china and glasses. I've found a new use for my stand, on my dressing table, but it would fit perfectly into the craft room filled with buttons and spools, for afternoon tea or maybe on a hallway table for keys and sunglasses, or an alternative fruit bowl......

Do you like to make and receive handmade gifts?
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love to give and receive home made gifts. I have made something similar with old vintage plates and tea cups between them as a cake stand. This is lovely x Enjoy

  2. Love it and I would fill it with the same stuff as you have too....all those bits with no homes!!!
    bestest Daisy x


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