Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Style Fair

Feet up, pizza devoured, Simon and Garfunkel on the record player, the perfect way to end a busy day. Today myself and Bob set up Hey! Home Wrecker stall at The Style Fair in The Hilton. Stupidly I thought it might be a good idea to buy one of those big round tins of Roses for the punters, but we ended up scoffing most of the sweets ourselves, bad! Bob got roped in as helper and I had her running around Belfast getting my messages, a great help she was too! We had a fun day, even if we didn't sell very much, friends called in to say Hi and it was nice to meet and chat to new people. Tired though I was when I got home I decided to do a little Hey! Home Wrecker facebook page, here's the link Hey! Home Wrecker Facebook so that's a blog, a facebook, intstagram! What ever next?? Twitter? Nooo!

It's BOB! She's back! and ready to rumble, BIG thanks for helping today!

Hope you're all having a fun weekend x


  1. Such excitement in my tummy!! I can't wait for our stall day, the pictures are amazing but I fear I'm just going to want to buy it all myself! Hugely proud to be your friend xo

  2. Wish I wasn't halfway 'round the world! I'd have left you a much smaller lot to take home again . . . I love that you have some of my favourite books in your picture above. I now collect these whenever I find them and $$ permits. ~ Linne


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