Sunday, 4 November 2012


I got a bit confused with my Halloween costume this year, usually I go for something scary but I seemed to get my holidays mixed up and went for something Christmassy rather than Halloweeny. The Elf ears I bought from Accessorize, with the intention of dressing up as a fairy but then I realised it would be difficult trying to squish wings into hand luggage, the other option would have been to wear wings on the flight...maybe not.
I fashioned a little hat out of a piece of felt and made myself a little collar. The gorgeous green vintage dress I chopped up and made into my Elf costume for I bought for £7 from a charity shop and I was able to use the off cuts to sew up some arm and leg covers. I love to dress up, any excuse to put on a costume and with Christmas only around the corner I'm thinking I'll get the wear out of this wee costume again very soon, maybe with some red tights and a sprig of holly in the hat! I could wear it to our work Christmas night out or the Christmas family party, can't wait!

This picture was taken the afternoon I flew to England at this stage I hadn't packed but thought I'd try out the hat, ears etc, only to find the lip tint I used on my checks stained the pink circles on! Note to self, pack first, worry about costume after! Realised I've no pics of me in full elf regalia but I'll be Christmas Elf soon and I'll take more pictures then.
I'm away for the week with work dressing the windows for Christmas a little tour round Ireland.

Have a lovely week everyone! xx


  1. Haha, that is brilliant! You look great x

  2. hahah, your costume is so good! and that picture! hilarious! what a cute elf!

  3. WE HAVE MATCHING EARS! Everyone kept doing the Star Trek hand thing. I just thought they were very Nostferatu. I love your outfit. Saves you having to think of something to wear for Christmas dinner.

  4. You look so cute!" I'm totally digging that green frock! x


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