Sunday, 25 March 2012

Shades on, tops off

We've had a another day of glorious sunshine! Even Mary had to get her suncream on today! When the sun shines in Northern Ireland we make the most of it, you can predict tops will be off in temperatures over 16 degrees and just as expected we saw two lads out for a stroll sans tops! That deserved a beep! We were on route in the car to the dump...The sun blazing today, you might think the perfect day to lie on the lawn, read the newspapers, have a cheeky afternoon beer but OH NO! We decide to dig a new veggie patch....and tidy up are original patch...
peace x
Then we dug....
Ready for planting....carrots, rocket, spring onions, cucumber, strawberries and lots of wild flower seeds for to welcome the bees (thanks Deborah x ) Oh and some garlic...
Hopefully this years carrots will turn out better than last years!
I can put to use my Grow your own veg book that my sister bought me for Christmas : )
In my book as many summer meals as possible must be consumed outside!, my favourite summer lunch is a pic n mix of stuff all dipped in a tub of hummus, YUM! If you've got a good recipe for hummus please pass it on, I always buy it out of the supermarket but I want to try and make my own.
And then we planted......
And it was good : )
All that hard work in the sunshine deserves a treat...good job I called at St Georges market this morning, met the lovely Claire from French for cupcake who has started her own bakery business The Lily Pink bakery and bought two of her gorgeous cupcakes to try...
One vanilla, one lemon and yes they did taste as good as they look!
So all we do now is wait and soon we'll have a summer salad to eat.
Hope you've all had a super sunny Sunday xx


  1. Hope you told her you were from HHW! I'm going to try Bill Granger's recipe

  2. Aw thank you Linda! I'm so glad you liked - sorry I am only seeing this now! My poor google reader has over 4000 entries to catch up on haha x

    1. That's alot of reading you have to do! you're cupcakes were really good x

  3. 1 cup of dried chick peas to a half cup of tahini, 2 generous teaspoons of pureed garlic, a few dashes of good olive oil and a half teaspoon of cumin...salt to taste and a squeeze of lemon if you like. Always best to use dried chickpeas and keep a little of the water that they are cooked in to help mix it all together. The Israeli in my life loves my hummus so it must be ok!

    1. Thanks for the recipe x I'll definately try it out


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