Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday Makeover

Hello! Hope you all had a great weekend : )
If you see a retro chair with worn tatty fabric, do you think that's ready for the skip or I can give that chair new life! I bought this retro boudoir chair about 10 years a from a car boot sale, it cost £5 and originally had brown velvet fabric. At the time I was going through a dotty, pastel phase and reupholstered it and I was happy with it until our recent trip to Edinburgh.......
and I found this....a huge piece of fabric gorgeousness in a colour combination I love, brown and pink, reminds me of Turkish delight....uuummmm chocolate, only 2 weeks to go....sorry I forgot where I was there for a second....
Bought this in a vintage shop for £8 (bargain) and I've got loads left to do some more makeovers!
So it was time for a boudoir chair makeover........
Ta da, boudoir chair makeover complete!

 There's life in the old chair yet, I think she looks rather spiffing in her new clothes (she's definitely a she)

What to makeover next??

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  1. oopps, I think I've deleted your comment Juliet, I took it all apart and used the exsising fabric as a template for the new cover, I used a staple gun to staple the fabric in place then glued fabric onto the button, made a hole for the button to go through, it's actually on a screw so as you tighten it, all comes together :)


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