Saturday, 28 January 2012


I've had my new sewing machine for about 2 weeks (ta sister Christine!), but had no material to make anything with.....but yesterday I picked up some lovely vintage fabric (old curtains) from The Rusty Zip enough to get me started! First thing on the list to make, a cover for the sewing machine, can't wait to get started now!
An oldy but goody.

The spare room has a purpose now. I picked up the perfect drop leaf table from a charity shop for 20 quid, bargin, great if I need to fold it away for space.

I'm thinking a cover for the sewing machine in the floral fabric and maybe some cushions for our living room in the yellow fabric, brighten the place up!
Have great weekends everyone! xx


  1. Love the sewing machine, look forward to seeing the results x

  2. Hey Lynne, I made a cover last night, I'll post some pics soon, it's a bit on the big side but a cover none the less!


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