Monday, 16 January 2012

Mini Monday morning makeover

I love retro glass front fronted cabinets! We've got one already in our dininig area which homes my collection of glasses, mini bar, tea sets and vintage nik naks I've thrifted over the keeps them all together but I was running out of space then I spied this in a charity shop at the weekend, £29.99, SOLD! to the girl with a thrifting here's some before and after pics.....
This is our cabinet in the dining room, full to capacity.....
Our hallway before the lastest furniture addition....we've moved these drawers into the spare room. The spare room never really had a purpose before, we've always used it to dry our clothes in (bad idea=damp) and the excercise bike (unused) lives in there, but my sister is giving me a beautiful sewing machine on loan, so I'm turning into a sewing/painting room! Bring on the creativities!
New cabinet!
Lots of space to fill.....I NEED HELP!!!!

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