Monday, 5 December 2011

The lost weekend

What a weekend! On Saturday evening I was struck down by a mystery bug, up all night boking (too much information?) and spent Sunday in bed with no energy, nibbling on dry brown toast and sipping flat pepsi. In another life the big lad should have been a nurse, he's looked after me so well this weekend, and I'm not an easy patient! I've been trying to figure out how I got sick, I'm allergic to egg whites and I'm guessing I contaminated the spatula and poisoned myself when I licked the icing bowl, baking is a dangerous business! I was baking a birthday cake for my dad and the annoying thing is I never actually made it down for the birthday visit but apparently the cake went down a treat......


  1. Oh, what I'd do for some chocolate cake right now.

  2. That cake looks amazing! The heart sprinkles around the edge is a really good idea x

  3. I never got to have a slice! too sick, but good excuse to make another one!


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