Saturday, 12 November 2011

I will NOT get sick this Christmas....

That's it! I'm kick starting an immune boosting regime in an attempt to ward off my annual cold which plagues me every year at Christmas. Having the cold at Christmas really stinks so this year instead of hiding, sniffling under a blanket, I'll be postively glowing....well, in theory anyway. THE PLAN....a daily dose of berocca, loads of garlic and large portions of fruit and Veg. Easy? I've been away all week with work and so far have only managed 2 fruit smooties, not a great start.........classic, regime starts tomorrow!

How cute are these Innocent smooties! with their little woolly hats on. It's all part of The Big Knit every hatted bottle sold raises 25p to help the elderly keep warm this winter. Just trying to think of what I can use the hats for now, they're just a wee bit too small for Mary!
Have great weekends everyone xx

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