Sunday, 20 November 2011

Buy Nothing Day-Saturday 26th November

At this time of year people go CRAZY spending! But it's time to lock up your wallets and challenge yourself to a day of zero consumerism.1 DAY!!
NO saturday paper, NO coffee shop treats, NO charity shop mooching (well....strictly you can mooch but only looking no buying), NO weekend takeout! Easy? The buy nothing challenge is nothing new to me, it's a daily challenge I set myself (mostly because I have no money to spend in the first place) but I usually fail miserably! But when I do have a day of no spending it actually feels great, who'd a thunk it?? NO SPENDING= HAPPINESS
.............and this little piggy got none
The big lad bought me a little book of quotes for hard times, Keep calm and carry on, perhaps I should refer to it more often....a fitting quote for todays blog from Paul Clitheroe-There are plenty of ways to get ahead. The first is so basic I'm almost embarrassed to say it: spend less than you earn.

My 10 tips for spending less (remember sometimes you have to spectulate to accumulate)

2. Be mindful, think before you spend "Do I really need these cat earmuffs?"
3. Ditch the gym and take up running, it's fun and free!
4. Bring a packed lunch to work.
5. Buy a reusable coffee mugs and make your own.
6. Read blogs instead of mags.
7. De-clutter, less=more
8. Grow your own salad and veg.
9. Clothes swap with friends and family.
10. Make presents, if your not artistic why not bake something?



  1. I failed. I found out about in the paper! I can't go without my Saturday i and Guardian. That was all I spent though so technically I win, since I didn't know until AFTER I spent...right? Great idea though. Following most of your list - I don't think I can run to save my life.

  2. It's not until next saturday so I'll let you off, the big lad buys the paper so technically I won't be spending.... maybe that's the secret to getting through the day, get someone else to buy everything (cheats don't prosper!!)I used to think I couldn't run but I started slowly and love it now!

  3. I'm trying SO hard with packed lunch! Don't always manage it. PS, just came across this blog, think it's right up your street I'm totally obsessed!

  4. I checked out that blog Lynne! It's a good'un! I think I'm a bit obessed too!!


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