Sunday, 1 March 2015

Always look on the bright side

I LOVE the colour yellow, for me it's a happy colour and it features all over our house. Daffodils, sunshine need I say more! If you're a yellow lover and an Instagram fan then you should definitely check out this weeks @flots_n_jets nine challenge just search for the hashtag #fjnine. This weeks theme is yellow and if spring is still feeling a little far off or you just need a little cheering up this will do the trick! I love seeing everyone else's nines. I started my nine in my house then I was out in Belfast yesterday with a friend and yellow seemed to be everywhere so I couldn't resist another, here are my nines...
Come and play along if you love yellow too! 
Have a great day xx


  1. I just LOVE a splash of yellow! ;) xxx

  2. Me too sunshine yellow is my fave! Love this post...bestest daisy j x


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