Friday, 29 August 2014

House hunting in Alvor

Bom Dia!
We arrived home now from our holidays in Alvor yesterday, we had a really lovely time. I'd move there tomorrow for the sunshine and the fresh fruit alone, their lemons are AMAZING! The town of Alvor remains pretty quaint full of little tiled houses, there are a couple of main streets where most of the bars and restaurants are but the back streets are mostly tiled houses where the ladies chat to each other out of the shuttered windows and you'll find the men gather in the backstreet bars and cafes for shade from the sun. I loved the patterns and colours of the tiled houses, here's a few (ahem) pictures taken on a morning stroll around town.

I'm off the the North Coast for my friend Kitty's Hen party and we're going surfing, if I survive I'll share some more holidays pictures next week! Have a great weekend everyone xxx

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  1. The colours and patterns are amazing....have fun surfing! :) x


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