Sunday, 3 November 2013

A smashing weekend

Phil went mad chasing after a fly, did a ninja jump to the mantle piece and smashed one of my Autumn vases, naughty boy! All is not lost as it's been saved for the (I'll get round to it one of these days) fixing of the kitchen tiles. When one piece of vintage gets broken a door opens for a new piece of vintage (new moto) and so the mantle piece has two new additions, we stopped at a boot sale on the way home from our friends wedding and came home with a pair of cats (can't resist), some bowls for smashing (sorry vintage crockery lovers!) and a little picture of a praying girl and her kitten....
Another one bites the dust

Our hallway, it's been so long since I've painted, a new family portrait is on my to do list after the kitchen tiles are sorted
Please forgive me for smashing vintage plates

All the girls were preening today, Betty and Beryl had a Sunday bath in the vegetable patch and I had a short back and sides a la sister Bob, I was worried she would do a Sinead O'Connor on me as pay back for all the times I cut her hair badly, but she did a good job.



  1. Breakages aside I so love seeing your house. You cute do you look? x

  2. Ha! Love your face! You are forgiven for smashing the bowls.. especially when we all see how brilliant the tiles are going to look!!!


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