Monday, 22 July 2013

Head Scarf

Hello again!
Getting my blogs in early this week as I'm off to Scotland in the morning with work. I had the day off today and got stuck into our kitchen makeover so I'll share some the progress with you at the weekend, it's looking much brighter already.
Here's a little how to I meant to post ages ago.....Weird seeing myself with blond hair...
 Take a scarf, fold it in half, inside and draw a curve from the open end corner to the closed side (does that make sense??) Sew along the curve, turn the scarf the right way (the seam on the inside) put your head into the curved bit and then twist up the front and either tie in a knot or twist and tuck in at the back.......

Twist and tuck

Put your head into the curve, take the front two corners of the scarf, twist them up and tie in a bow
Just Experiment! 
Perfect for bad hair days or keeping the paint out of your hair when doing kitchen makeovers!

Have a fun week everyone xx


  1. Very cute hair scarf, you should check Rinati Lakel hair scarfs!

  2. I love head scarfs but have never been able to stop them from looking too bulky, but I am going to give this a go.

  3. that is so cute! i need to try it, i've never been able to tie a scarf in a way that looked good.


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