Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Make hay not war

Head to the country for a roll in the hay......... just don't do a Rihanna and lose your top! the farmer might not be best pleased.

Robert Pack.
“Baled Hay”
from Rounding it Out: A Cycle of Sonnetelles (1999).
Wheels of baled hay bask in October sun:
Gold circles strewn across a sloping field,
They seem arranged as if each one
Has found its place; together they appeal
To some glimpsed order in my mind
Preceding my chance pausing here--
A randomness that also seems designed.
Gold circles strewn across the sloping field
Evoke a silence deep as my deep fear
Of emptiness; I feel the scene requires
A listener who can respond with words, yet who
Prolongs the silence that I still desire,
Relieved as clacking crows come flashing through,
Whose blackness shows chance radiance of fire.
Yet stillness in the field remains for everyone:
Wheels of baled hay bask in the October sun.

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