Sunday, 29 July 2012

This week I've been mostly thrifting.....

Yes, I admit  thrifting has reached a new low and in Northern Ireland I have become what is commonly know as a 'BIN HOKER'. I prefer to think of it as saving these things from a future in landfill, that would be wrong SO WRONG!! Also I am confused as to why this 'good stuff' has been thrown in the skip in the first place?? Why has it not gone to charity? Anyway.... let me tell you about my treasure finding adventures this week....
Out for a walk on Monday night, spotted that a house round the corner from where we live had a skip *eyes light up* I've always loved this house, it's a three storey, red brick town house, that just looks like it's filled with amazing stuff and if the skip outside it was anything to go by it is....or was!
Peeking out from a corner, my hawk eyes zoom in in on a gorgeous coffee pot, the big lad keeps watch (whilst also calling me BIN HOKER) as I retrieve it from it's skip hell. It's a J G Meakin design from the 1960's, I didn't find the lid, but it will be lovely as a vase, and once it had been given a wash, good as new and taking pride of place on the mantle piece...All delighted!

Next night, out for a run, ran past the skip, quick peek inside, spied a mug.....out of my reach! NOOO! I had to think of something, so as I ran through the park and little brain ticking over with ideas how to get it out I stumbled on  a stick with a hook style branch *Squeals* PERFECT, Mother Nature aiding me! Heading back to the skip with my trusty hook stick in hand I looked like a girl how'd lost her dog...Nothing to see here....One swoop of the stick, hooked under the handle, mug brought to safety, mission complete. Another Meakin pottery find and once it was washed you'd never know that it had been in the skip!
Third night on skip duty as I'm now calling it, out for a walk, I spy two glasses, one pink one blue, still with their handmade stickers on, no stick needed tonight, just picked these beauties straight out, unfortunately though the blue one toppled over on the draining board and smashed.
On Thursday I had to travel away with work so a night off skip duty, but I've since passed and more has been added, rugs and stuff but it's done nothing but rain here for the last week so it's all just getting ruined, shame. I wonder if anyone else has found anything cool from the skip this week.If you pass a skip do you have a look inside for stuff you can use? Nothing to be ashamed of! Bin hoking is fun!!
In other thrifting news a day trip yesterday with my sister was very fruitful, I bought so much stuff FOR THE STALL and a few bits for me!!!! We had a brilliant day, starting with the car boot sale, then around loads of charity shops...
A new brown bag, to add to my brown bag collection the perfect size for my stay away trip with work and a steal for £2!

A souvenir of the Giant's Causeway made from Ivorex and the date 1st June 1956 carved on the back.
And lots of little trinkets.
 On the thrifting front I have to say It's been a great week! Hope you've been as lucky, Looking forward to having a peek at what you've all found, head over to Sophie at Her Library Adventures for her Flea Market Finds link up.
I'm off to bonny Scotland for work tomorrow, have a great week y'all xxxx

Friday, 27 July 2012

Which is Which?

Two months ago, three bedraggled, unloved chickens made the lucky escape from battery farm to come and live with us! Two months ago  I could tell the difference between them, but a healthy diet, fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for a chickens feathers, they've almost completely grown back and now I don't know my Betty from my Beryl or Ethel!! Since they first arrived we've built them their own area at the back of the garden. Our garden isn't secure and I couldn't trust the gate to stay closed, visions of chasing after the chickens as they escape up the road so we had to think of something. The big lad remembered seeing loads of old floorboards in the roof space. With the wood, joined to the trees at the back and covered in chicken wire we fashioned a shabby chic run, they seem happy enough, plenty of room to run about! Most days we get two eggs, and when we have eggs coming out of our ears we give them to friends, family and neighbours. Although our next door neighbour seemed slightly afraid of trying one of our chickens eggs, it was like I was asking him to eat poo, I've yet to find out what he thought of the egg, probably put it straight in the bin!
Betty, Beryl or Ethel??

Mary in her new hiding place, Seymour can't see her here, in the middle of the spring onions! OH! It's nearly time for the chickens to be put to bed, better run xx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My crafty Aunty

Hello! How is Tuesday treating you?
My fabulous aunty Irene gave us a lesson in pipe cleaner flower ring making at the recent family doo, she also made tiaras for the kids which were really cool and there was a spot of balloon modelling too! I come from a very creative family, crafters, flower arrangers, dress makers, balloon modellers! Pipe cleaners are so under rated!  Instead of making rings, I spent Saturday morning making some flower brooches.

Linking up with Lakota for her Ta-Dah! Tuesday over at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping , Pop over for a nosey and have a chance to win one of these gorgeous silhouette brooches.
Have a lovely week everyone! Thanks for reading and all the lovely comments you all leave xx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

This week I've been mostly thrifting....

Ahh, Sunday, bliss, I love Sundays...
Yes, shirts, all of which I washed and none of which needed ironed after! Result! Ironing is something I've only started to do more recently, I must have looked like a crumpled mess before! All three shirts for £5 from a charity shops half price rail, bargain!! Though I'm slightly worried that I might put someones eye out with these collars! 'Elf n safety gone maaaaaaddddd!!
 A pretty, sheer sunflower fabric, perfect for summer (if it ever arrives!)

 MY EEEEYYYEEEESSS! A crazy print vintage Marks and Spencer shirt, The Beach Boys would approve, I love the colours mustard, navy and aqua, a winning combination in my book.

 A cute pastel pink shirt, no ironing required, barely even needed hung on the line it was dry nearly dry when I took it out of the machine! Quality fabric!
And for the home, a floral oven dish and a yellow glass, for my stall.... hehehhe I say that about everything I get now! "Yeah, that's for the stall"

My aunt gave me this gorgeous vintage Irish linen teatowel, it says We think this would be an attractive present for whats her name or even for yourself, it's Irish linen after all. Love it the pattern an  colours, might be too nice to use and hide in a drawer, I'll have to come up with another idea for it. Speaking of coming up with idea for thrifting finds, I'm loving this blog The Thrifty Challenge about a year of enjoying all the little things and having fun getting creative by upcycling old objects. I need to set my own thrifty challenge, and that is not to go thrifting!
I'm looking forward to reading about everything you've found on your adventures this week :) Scoot over to the blooming lovely Sophie at Her Library Adventures for Flea market finds link up, See you there!
Have a super duper Sunday everyone xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Flowers

How are you all this lovely Friday?
Out of work earlier than expected today, I'm home and should be doing the hoovering but I've made the mistake of turning on the lap top and here I am writing my blog! Wooops!! The hoovering can wait!
 This weeks Friday Flowers is brought to you from my aunty's amazing garden. Last Saturday to celebrate my cousins 19th birthday she hosted a big family get to together, all the aunts and uncles, all the cousins, the wags (wives and girlfriends) and the bahs (boyfriends and husbands) and their children, a full house! I hope you don't mind me sharing aunty C, your garden is beautiful x Thanks for a great night last Saturday!
Rabbit under arrest!

Lovely view over the hedge

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Just call me Maria

 200th post! Would believe it?
Just like Maria in The Sound of Music, I've used an aul curtain to make a new dress. All those years playing fashion designer with the fashion wheel and cutting up the Kays catalogue to dress paper dolls have paid off. I owe my dress making inspiration to my awesome 'wardrobe mistress' sister and the wonderful Vix from Vintage Vixen, Thank you ladies! So here goes..... The Rusty Zip is the best place in Belfast to find retro fabrics, I picked this pretty orange floral piece for just £7. To make a pattern I cut up a Primar kdress I never wear, drew around it, chop chop chop, sew sew sew, tried it on, pinned it in a little then sewed some darts, and to finish I made a little belt. By NO means this dress is perfect, but if you don't look to close it's not too bad, and it was really fun to make! Who knows the possibilities if I actually used a proper pattern!
I tell you, invest in a little sewing machine, (my machine) I can spend hours beavering away in my little sweat shop, the whole house vibrating, and the big lad shouting about no chores being done!  I'm linking up with Lakota for Ta-Dah Tuesday (I know it's Wednesday) Thanks for reading everyone xxxx BIG LOVE

Monday, 16 July 2012

Getting it together

Any of you lovely blogger buddies on Instagram? Message me!! After an impromptu blog school on Saturday night with my cousin Lynne from Tea For Joy and a lesson on how to use my phone, Hey! Home Wrecker is now on Instagram! Find me at hey_homewrecker
I've been a busy bee, making labels and price cards for the vintage fair in a couple of weeks. As a pressie my aunt gave me 2 pads of patterned paper and it's just perfect for making the signage. I borrowed a hole punch, twine, stamp letters and ink from my sister and got busy making. Printing the labels was quite time consuming, what I really need is to get a proper stamp made (it's on the ever growing to do list!) The big lad got roped in, he cut the labels to size and punched the holes, good lad.
Need to sort out the pricing and get some cushion fillers for the cushion covers I've made, organise a table......
Hope you're all having a fun Monday! I'm off to finish painting the landing floor xx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

This week I've been mostly thrifting....

Hello Thrifty friends! Good week on the thrifting front? Discovered any new charity shops?
Pop over to Sophie's blog for her Sunday Flea market Finds and share what you've found this week!
Two lovely finds this week, the first, a new comer for craft corner, a pretty picture of an idyllic countryside cottage. Thatched roof, real fire, gorgeous garden, I'd like to live in a house like this....

The big lad says that's enough now....
Oh dear, DON'T LOOK! I couldn't resist this gorgeous girl feeding her chickens, I've hung her in the living room...
'Farm Girl' To Anne from Betty and Peggy, 1st November 1979

I've been spending time this weekend with my cousins and aunt and uncle who live in America. I spent 2 months staying with them in the States when I was 19 and I had the best time. My aunt and I share the love of a good rummage in the thrift stores 'Junking' she calls it, I'll never forget our junking adventures in America, I went with one case and came home with 4! It's been 3 years since their last visit and when they're home it's like they've never been away, love you all Irene, Dave, James and Chris xxx Have a great week everyone!